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Band Program


Greenwich Public School provides a wonderfully rich and varied band program to inspire and develop the creative and musical talents of all our students. Being a band member can be a truly rewarding experience.  Apart from the joy of playing a musical instrument, students develop self-discipline, teamwork skills and confidence through rehearsing and performing. They also bring pleasure through music to the wider community and acquire a life-long love of music. 

At GPS we have a band program involving two separate working bands for children in Years 3 to 6.

Training Band – This band is for students just starting music or beginning a new instrument.  The Training Band is the starting point for students joining the band program, and as such, no prior musical experience is needed.

Performing Band - Students who already play an instrument may be able to join the Performing Band depending on experience and suitability of their instrument. Students generally progress to the Performing Band after playing in the Training Band for one year.


At Greenwich Public School, the following instruments make up the Band:                



Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone






Keyboard Bass

Bass Guitar


There are a limited number of instruments available for hire through the school, at competitive prices.  Alternatively, instruments can be hired externally. 


BAND                          DAY                            TIME

Training Band              Monday                       7:40- 8:45am

Performing Band         Tuesday                      7:40- 8:45am


All band members are required to have weekly private tuition on their band instrument, in addition to weekly band rehearsals.

Parents are responsible for organising these lessons outside school hours and paying for them independently.  It may be possible for you to arrange lessons with a visiting tutor who will provide lessons at the school before 9.00am and/or after 3.10pm at Greenwich PS. If you are unable to take advantage of one of our visiting tutors, the Band Committee will provide you with a list of other tutors that we are aware of in the local area. This list is designed to assist new parents but does not constitute endorsement of these providers. 


GPS bands take part in several performances at school throughout the year: e.g. assemblies, Recognition Assemblies and Performing Arts concerts.  We proudly encourage our bands to perform to the wider community by entering two or three music festivals each year (subject to suitability).

Towards the middle of the year (usually a Sunday in Term 2) both bands attend a half day workshop, where they rehearse as a full band and in smaller instrumental groups with specialist visiting tutors to improve the standard of performance. This is usually scheduled in the lead up to a music festival.


To ensure the success of our bands at GPS, it is important to view band membership as a long term commitment. When joining the band your child is making a commitment to the following:

Each week during term time, students in the Bands will need to allow time for:

  • 1 full band rehearsal.
  • A half-hour private lesson.
  • Ideally 3-4 practice sessions of at least 20 minutes.

During the year students in the Bands are expected to:

  • Make a firm commitment to remain in their Band for the full year.
  • Learn to read music, practice regularly, and show genuine interest in learning their instrument.
  • Be prepared to participate fully in the ensemble as a 'team member'.
  • Arrive promptly to all rehearsals and performances.
  • Provide an explanation from home if absent from a rehearsal or performance for any reason (via an email to the Band Committee).
  • Be available for band events within and outside the school hours, during the year (e.g. concerts, competitions, Band Intensive workshop).
  • Behave in the same way that is expected in all activities at GPS.

Parents will have additional responsibilities in making sure students are at rehearsals, lessons, tutorials and competitions on time and ready to play and also to encourage and support students in regular practice of their band music and music set by their tutors.


Both the Training and Performing Bands are run by a group of parent volunteers and the Conductor who meet regularly to plan band direction, concerts and how the program can be improved, etc. Throughout the year, we would greatly appreciate your support in ensuring that your child arrives to rehearsals on time and practises their instrument, as the success of the whole band relies on the individual commitment of each musician. If anyone is interested in joining the committee please contact:


If you have any queries please contact:


GPS Band Information Pack: Training Band 2016

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