Greenwich Public School

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Telephone02 9436 3217

Information for Parents

School Hours

Our school operates from 9:15am to 3:10pm. Supervision is provided for in the playground from 8:45am and until 3:10pm each day.

Children who are not collected from school by 3:10pm are asked to wait safely at our main office at both campuses. We encourage parents and caregivers to ensure children are on time to school to assist them in settling into the day's work and to develop an understanding that punctuality is important.

Children who arrive after 9:15am are required to visit our front office with their parent to complete a ‘Late To School slip'.

Alternatively, if you need to pick your child up early from school we ask that parents sign a 'Leave Early' note. These notes are to be handed to your child's class teacher.

School Maps

Click on the links to view the 2024 classroom maps for Greenwich Road and Kingslangley Road.

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