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Medication, Allergies


If a child requires medication prescribed by a doctor it shcould be scheduled for before and after school and at bedtime.  If it is necessary for this prescribed medication to be administered at school, the medication must be brought to the school office and a medication authority form is to be completed by the parent.  Please ensure that the medication is labelled clearly with the child's name and class.

Office staff require signed permission to administer medication prescribed by a doctor.

NOTE - staff are not responsible for doses that are missed if the child does not come to the office for the medication.

Medication is not to be carried by any child during school time.  The only medication allowed to be kept in school bags are puffers that are used for the prevention and management of a child's asthma condition.


The school needs to be notified of any allergies a child may have.  A medical plan will be developed for students with severe allergies.